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General recommendations after an avalanche

The extent of consequential damage can be reduced if you behave appropriately after an avalanche. What action must you take? What action should you strictly avoid? Where can you get help? Where can you obtain financial support?

General conduct

  • Do not reconnect power circuits or gas supplies until the lines and appliances have been inspected by an expert.
  • Thoroughly flush drinking water pipes and, in case of doubt, boil water before using it.

Damage limitation

Targeted immediate action can prevent further damage:

  • Carry out clearing, cleaning and drying works as soon as possible.
  • Install dehumidifiers in enclosed spaces. The cantonal public building insurance companies know where these appliances can be hired.

Remedial works and insurance

  • Immediately report damage to the buildings and contents insurers.
  • Do not remove damaged parts of buildings, fixtures, fittings or furniture until they have been inspected by the insurance experts (unless immediate action is essential to prevent consequential damage).
  • Obtain commercial offers for repairs and replacements.
  • Examine ways of preventing damage in the future together with the insurance experts.

Financial assistance

  • Cantonal and federal subsidies are available in some cases for reconstructing infrastructure and avalanche defences.
  • Contact the district authorities or the cantonal natural hazard agencies for information.
  • In some applicable cases, assistance is provided by the Swiss relief fund for uninsurable losses attributable to natural forces (Schweizerischer Elementarsch√§denfonds).