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Cantonal departments and agencies

In the event of severe weather, the relevant cantonal and/or community authorities are responsible for communicating definitive instructions to the public and issuing advice on what action to take. There are various websites with relevant information for the different cantons:

Canton of Aargau:

 Public information platform for the Cantonal government

 General recommendations for action issued by the cantonal agency for military and protection of the population

 Access to the cantonal flood hazard map

 Cantonal natural hazards map

 Cantonal data portal on Hydrometry (map)

 Cantonal data portal on Hydrometry (list)

Canton of Basel-Stadt:

 Water level in the Rhine

Canton of Bern:

 Natural hazard portal for Canton of Bern

Canton of Fribourg:

 Organisation for the Event of a Catastrophe, Canton of Fribourg (ORCAF)

Canton of Glarus

 Natural Harzards agency

Canton of Graubünden:

 Forestry and Natural Hazards Office

 Cantonal hazard maps

 Graubünden and Natural Hazards (GraNat)

 Natural hazard risks in Graubünden

Canton of Lucerne

 Natural Harzards agency

Canton of Schaffhausen:

 Water division

Canton of Solothurn:

 Natural Harzards agency

Canton of St. Gallen:

 Forest fire risk and fire bans

 Natural hazards in the Canton of St Gallen

 Flooding in the Linth area

Canton of Ticino:

 Flooding in the Canton of Ticino

Canton of Valais:

 Forest fire risk

Canton of Vaud:

 Forest fire risk

Canton of Zurich:

 Flood agency

 Live announcements