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General recommendations during an avalanche

What action must you take when an avalanche has deposited snow in a settlement or on a road, or buried people or vehicles?

Beim Niedergang einer Lawine auf eine Siedlung oder einen Verkehrsweg oder wenn Personen oder Fahrzeuge verschüttet wurden:

  • Observe where people are caught up in an avalanche or where vehicles or buildings are buried
  • Assess the situation: Have any people been buried? How many?
  • Raise the alarm by calling the REGA air rescue service on 1414, paramedic assistance on 144, the fire service on 118, or the police on 117
  • Be aware of the danger of secondary avalanches and of collapsing buildings
  • The lives of buried people are in danger. They must be rescued as quickly as possible.
  • Look for signs, and listen for sounds, of buried victims. If available, use an avalanche transceiver
  • Dig out buried victims
  • Administer first aid, protect injured victims against hypothermia
  • Follow instructions issued by the emergency services