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General recommendations during an avalanche

Behaving appropriately during an avalanche can save lives.

When engaging in winter sports outside controlled areas

If you are caught in the avalanche:

  • Attempt to escape.
  • Let go of your ski poles
  • Inflate airbag if available.
  • If you are unable to escape the avalanche, place your hands over your face in order to keep airways free.

If you are not caught in the avalanche:

  • Carefully observe the avalanche event and the persons caught (note the last seen point).
  • Pay attention to your own safety and be aware of the danger of secondary avalanches.
  • Raise the alarm by telephone (REGA air rescue 1414, paramedic assistance 144, emergency services 112).
  • Initiate companion rescue.

On transportation routes

  • Pay attention to your own safety.
  • Drive away from the avalanche.
  • Do not leave the car.
  • Stop outside the danger area.

In settlements

  • Pay attention to your own safety.
  • Do not leave the building.
  • Await official announcements in a safe place on the valley side of the ground floor or basement.
  • If you are outdoors: seek protection inside or (in the flow direction of the avalanche) behind a building.