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General recommendations during an earthquake

Find out what you should / should not do during an earthquake – inside buildings, outside, and while traveling.

Inside a building

  • Take cover (e. g. under a sturdy table) and keep calm
  • Beware of falling objects (e. g. shelves, heavy furniture, televisions, stereos and light fittings) and keep away from windows and glass walls, which may shatter
  • Only leave the building when the surrounding area is safe (when there are no more falling objects such as roof tiles, etc.)


  • Stay outside, do not seek shelter in a building
  • Keep away from buildings, bridges, electricity pylons, large trees, and other things that could collapse or fall
  • Keep away from the shores of bodies of water

In a vehicle

  • Stop the vehicle and do not leave it during the quake
  • Do not stop on a bridge, at an underpass, or in a tunnel, and keep away from buildings at the side of the road (danger of collapse)