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General recommendations after a flood

After a flood, modifying your behaviour accordingly can minimise the extent of incurred losses and avoid further damage. Points to observe:

  • Do not reconnect power circuits or gas supplies until the lines and appliances have been inspected by an expert.
  • Thoroughly flush drinking water pipes and, if in doubt, boil water before using it.
  • Initiate clearing, cleaning and drying works as soon as possible.
  • Do not pump water from the basement until the groundwater level is lower than the basement floor.
  • Report damage to the buildings insurer. Do not remove damaged parts of buildings, fixtures, fittings or furniture until they have been inspected by the  insurance experts.
  • Learn from your personal experience and take action as necessary for future flood events (see " Recommendations for action before a flood").
  • Consult experts on measures to prevent future damage.