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General recommendations after a forest fire

Following a forest fire, any damage should be assessed and reported so that it can be removed or repaired as soon as possible. The following points should be observed:

Immediately notify the buildings insurer of damage to buildings

  • by e-mail or by completing a form online
  • by phone
  • by completing a printed form

Proceed as follows when rectifying damage:

  • Do not remove damaged parts of buildings, fixtures, fittings or furniture until they have been inspected by the insurance experts (unless immediate action is essential).
  • Obtain an estimate for any repairs or rebuilding work necessary (buildings insurers reserve the right to procure alternative quotes).
  • Together with the loss adjuster, examine possible measures to prevent future losses (if appropriate, submit a grant application to the Foundation for the Prevention of Damage to Buildings ( Stiftung zur Prävention von Gebäudeschäden /  Fondation de prevention pour les dommages immobiliés).