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General recommendations before a forest fire

The forest fire risk indicates the probability of a forest fire occurring. The risk can be exacerbated e.g. by people engaging in leisure activities, so that action needs to be taken even if the danger of a forest fire is low. Lighting fires, both in and outside the forest, always calls for due caution to be exercised – even if the danger of a forest fire is low or moderate.

You can help to prevent forest fires by observing the following general code of conduct:

  • Find out about the danger of fire locally if you intend to light a fire outdoors.
  • Always comply with fire bans.
  • Heed information provided on the internet, radio, television and in newspapers.
  • Never light a fire outdoors in strong or gusty wind.
  • Never throw away burning cigarettes or matches.
  • Only barbecue food in permanent fire places (concreted base. Avoid whenever possible camp fires directly on the ground).
  • Keep an eye on the fire at all times and immediately extinguish any stray sparks.
  • Do not leave barbecues/fire places and their vicinity until the fire has been completely extinguished.
  • Fireworks are to be let off only in places expressly approved by the local authorities.

 Forest fire danger – Overview of the risk and action plans in the cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein.