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General recommendations before a heat wave

It is generally possible to forecast the occurrence of a heatwave, so when temperatures are rising or there is high humidity, attention should be paid to the weather forecasts and information in the media. Find out from your local pharmacy or doctor what is recommended for dealing with the adverse effects of heat.

In addition, the following precautionary measures should be followed:

  • Have sufficient water available;
  • Be prepared to offer first aid (e.g. organise a first-aid kit);
  • Inform yourself about the possible adverse effects of heat stress;
  • Be aware of important precautionary measures: e.g. appropriate clothing, head covering, stay in the shade, stay hydrated;
  • Check relevant equipment on buildings (e.g. canopies, reflective external blinds etc.);
  • Heed push notifications on the  MeteoSchweiz App.

 Click here for information on the potential effects and danger levels of heat.