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General recommendations during rain

Intensive downpours cause streams and rivers to fill up very rapidly, and can quickly lead to regional flooding as well as set off landslides in areas with steeply sloping terrain. Care should therefore always be taken when outdoors in heavy rainfall, particularly in the vicinity of water and sloping terrain, but also when driving on the roads.

Advice on what to do during heavy rainfall:

  • Keep an eye on local weather developments, and act appropriately, according to the information you  receive on the conditions;
  • Heed the push notifications on the  MeteoSwiss App;
  • Stay away from water (as well as dry river or stream beds) and from shores and river banks;
  • Keep out of cellars and basements when there is a present danger of flooding, and place  objects up high (see procedures for flooding);
  • Avoid steeply sloping terrain;
  • Avoid steep watercourses in the Alps at all cost, as these are prone to mudslides. A  mudslide can occur very suddenly and without warning, and can be a powerful destructive force;
  • Avoid bridges where there is flooding;
  • Avoid flooded stretches of road and drive around them;
  • If possible, stay at home;
  • Always follow the official recommendations.