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General recommendations during snow

Snowfall can severely disrupt transport, especially road traffic. You should therefore always take particular care when driving, and only travel if you have the appropriate winter equipment. Those travelling on foot should also be careful when outdoors during a snowfall, as branches can break off and trees can topple under the weight of their snowload. Snow should also be cleared from house roofs to avoid snow slides and roof damage.

 What to do in the event of icy road conditions

Recommended actions during snowfalls:

  • Keep an eye on local weather developments, and act appropriately, according to the information you  receive on the conditions;
  • Heed the push notifications on the  MeteoSwiss App;
  • Before and during your journey, keep abreast of information on driving conditions (radio, 163 telephone service), and heed the instructions issued by the winter road maintenance services;
  • Avoid travelling by car if at all possible, and use public transport instead;
  • Stay away from forests and trees wherever possible (danger of falling trees or branches under the weight of their snowload);
  • Clear snow from roofs (house, porch, conservatory etc.), and always take the appropriate safety precautions when doing so;
  • Be careful of snow sliding from roofs;
  • Pay attention to daily avalanche bulletins and additional information from the  WSL Institute for Snow and Avalance Research;
  • Always follow the official recommendations.