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General recommendations after a thunderstorm

The storm is over, and there is no longer any immediate danger. By undertaking specific measures straight away, such as clearing up debris and cleaning up, you can prevent further damage.

In addition, please take note of the following points:

  • Administer first aid or call an ambulance if anyone has been injured;
  • Do not remain inside a damaged building;
  • Notify the fire service, so that dangerous conditions can be resolved, or a barrier erected;
  • Do not touch any fallen cables;
  • Watch out for falling branches;
  • Take care around water that has burst its banks.

The following actions and procedures are recommended in order to avoid subsequent damage:

  • Check your house or apartment for storm damage;
  • Notify your house insurance company of any damage you find;
  • See the  PLANAT website for further information on precautionary measures.