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General recommendations after wind

When the storm and winds have died down, the immediate danger has passed, but a storm can often leave significant structural damage in its wake. Toppled trees and broken electricity pylons or poles can disrupt road and rail traffic for several days afterwards. You should therefore continue to take extra care on the roads and outdoors. This is the time to repair any damage to the house and garden, and to clear any debris. It is also advisable to have your house or building checked for damage after a very severe storm.

Recommended action after strong winds:

  • Keep an eye on local weather developments, and act appropriately, according to the information you are receive on the conditions;
  • Check your house, apartment, balcony and garden for storm damage;
  • Report any damage immediately to your building insurance company and arrange repair work;
  • Check the condition of trees around the house and in the garden, and have any exposed branches trimmed.
  • Check construction sites.