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General recommendations before wind events

Meteorologists can normally forecast the occurrence of a storm. In the period leading up to the storm there are certain precautions that can be taken to secure the house, balcony and garden. Even when the forecast is only for moderate wind speeds, you should always be prepared for localised strong gusts.

 Information on the potential impact and danger levels of wind can be found here.

Recommended action in preparation for strong winds:

  • Keep an eye on local weather developments, and act appropriately, according to the information you receive on the conditions.
  • Heed the push notifications on the  MeteoSwiss App.
  • Pay attention to storm warnings on lakes
  • Protect construction sites and marine landing stages
  • Secure any free-standing objects that are around the outside of the house, on the balcony or in the garden, or move them to a sheltered spot (plant pots, garden furniture etc.);
  • Put away or roll up sun blinds and awnings, and close doors and windows;
  • Keep your car in the garage if possible
  • Check the mountings of antennae, solar panels etc.